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Republican Forest Selection and Seed Center

Services of the research department

  • micropropagation of plants:

- introduction to the culture in vitro, the stabilization and the further propagation of tree and shrub plants on a contractual basis by prior agreement possible types (classes);

- micropropagation of blueberries (there are more than 15 varieties of culture in vitro) with a pre-order on a contractual basis. Approximate prices:

00 RUB. 65. plant in under one year in plastic containers (50 PCs/container);

2 RUB 50 K. – in an individual container P9, at the age of 1-2 years.

  • Manufacture and sale of cobalt paper.

Cobalt paper is an indicator of changes in humidity (when humidity increases, changes color). Used to control the storage conditions of seeds of coniferous species.

Price for 1 piece – $ 0. 32.

  • Stand "Collection of seeds of tree and shrub species"

making stands "Collection of seeds of tree and shrub species" of size 1,0x0,5 m, including samples of 50 seeds of plants.

Price RUB. 104 40.

it is Possible to manufacture booths "Collection of seeds of trees and bushes" with individual characteristics by prior agreement

Telephone research Department: +375(17)510-63-92

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